Student Testimonials

      "Hi Danielle, I want to thank you once again for yesterday's class. It was amazing to paint
         with you, you are so inspiring and definitely the best teacher I've ever met.
         I'm looking forward to painting with you again!".

         (Secret Place, Central Park Workshop-July 2010, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Workshop- June 2011
          and Brooklyn Bridge Workshop-
June 2011)

         "I found the Plein Air Painting School by chance and I'm glad I did. I was part of a group of
         four, yet every day in Central Park was like receiving one-on-one painting lessons. I've
         taken classes in studio at some of the larger art institutions in New York and this was by far
         my best learning experience."

         (One Week Intensive- July 2009)

         “Danielle has the winning combination of great artistic ability and enthusiasm, alongside
         patience and compassion for her students”.


         Nancy Rosati

         (July and October Intensives 2009, Battery Park and Manhattan Cityscape Workshops 2010,
         Central Park Cherry Blossoms Workshop- April 2011


            "Hi Danielle,

         Yesterday was a truly inspiring lesson! As you know I teach art to Children myself and

         you are a brilliant teacher!....that passion you have, no pretences and a genuine wish to

         share your knowledge. If only all teachers had these qualities....

         Thanks again, Bron"

         Bronwyn Lewis

          (Boathouse Area Workshop 2011)

         "Hi Danielle,
         I just wanted to formally acknowledge how much I enjoyed your 10 week plein air painting
         course in Central Park. I began as a beginner and ended as a surprisingly pretty good artist.
         Not only did you teach me the mechanics of how to paint, you gave me the confidence to try
         new techniques and subjects. You were always available to answer questions and
         demonstrate the hows and the whys; never watching the clock. Moreover, you made it fun; I
         always looked forward to Saturday mornings.

         Thanks and I look forward to taking additional classes with such a wonderful teacher."

Spring Summer Semester, 2010, Times Square Workshop-August 2010, Brooklyn
         Bridge Workshop- June 2011)


         “It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Actually doing a whole painting in such a short, 
         intense time was really magical for me. Thank you for caring about each and every one of    
         us with such energy”.

         (One Week Intensive-October 2009, Central Park Cherry Blossoms Workshop- April 2011)

         Danielle's Spring/Summer Session has advanced my painting abilities more than I could  
         have  imagined.  A novice at landscapes, Danielle patiently showed me the basics of pein air 
         painting emphasizing perspective, color, light and texture.  Her spontaneity and rich sensitivity
         to detail always left me with a painting that was full of life and multidimensional.  With a
         completely new scene to paint and a fresh start every week, I was challeged to attempt new
         techniques while enjoying the comradary of other painting students and Danielle's joyous
         enthusiasm.  By the end of the Summer Session my paintings had improved tremendously
         under Danielle’s tutelage.  She has saved me from years of frustrating trial and error!  

         As the weather gets cooler and I have returned to painting indoors, I have discovered a
         marked improvement in my knowledge, expression and hand/eye coordination with which to
         express myself.  I couldn't be more thrilled and look forward to continuing working with

         Danielle for years to come.  She could not be more knowledgeable, supportive and adorable.

         Barbara Rosenberg
Spring Summer Ten Week Semester, 2010)

          Painting Shakespeare's Garden, August 15th, 2009                                   'The Saturday girls', July 11th 2009

           “This has been both instructive and fun. I loved it! ***** 5 stars for you!”

          Amoree Beckman

          (Fall Ten Week Semester 2009)

          "The girls had a fab time in New York, with the highlight of their whole trip being the day
          spent with you painting in
Central Park, which they couldn't stop talking about. For one of
          life's best experiences we all agreed it was worth much more!!! Thanks for all of your 

          Robyn, Hong Kong
        (One day private workshop, July 2009)

          “Professional instruction and individual attention. You are a caring and generous teacher.
          A wonderful experience!”


          Nicole Trau

          (October Intensive 2009 & May Intensive 2010, Turtle Pond Workshop-August 2010, 
          Times Square Workshop- October 2010, 
Boat Basin Workshop-October 2010, Cherry
          Blossom Workshop-April 2011, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Workshop- June 2011)

           Painting near The Boathouse, July 11th 2009                                              Assessing our subject, July 11th, 2009. 

 "I had not held a paint brush since leaving high school and now I'm having so much fun in
          painting school.  Danielle is able to develop my creative side with her knowledge of drawing,
          color and painting techniques.  Our group is small and her teaching style is very individually
          focused. Danielle has a generous spirit and a sense of humor and she is invariably still
          sharing her knowledge & artistic talents long after the end of class". 

       Fran Humphryis
       (Summer & Fall Semester 2009. October Intensive 2009 & July Intensive

       "The Plein Air Painting School offers the perfect way to paint in oils in the great outdoors.
          Danielle Hatherley, the founder and principal of this international art school will be your
          teacher. Drawing, composition, colours and oil painting technique will all be carefully
          explained and demonstrated. The nature of ‘en plein air’ painting is that you  find yourself in
          the most beautiful and interesting outdoor settings. Danielle brings a highly skilled,
          informative and fun approach to painting. In no time, you will be creating your own

         Andrew Horsley
         (Former student, Sydney, Australia. 1993-1999)

"I am so happy to have found the Plein air painting school. Before joining the summer
         program I was skeptical about taking such a course, I thought it was too late for me
         to learn how to paint. But Danielle, our instructor, quickly threw my skepticism out the
         window by emphasizing every single class that we were there to enjoy painting and 
         enjoy the moment, and that we don’t have to fuss about details too soon. On the first
         day of class we got a very thorough demonstration and explanation on how to get
         started, about brushes, paint, color, light and all other materials and  elements that are
         part of the process of painting. Sooner than we expected we were all set and ready to
         paint, with our instructor by our side, of course! Progress came on an individual basis,
         some of us could paint a whole masterpiece in one day, and some of us, like me, would
         take a little longer. Nonetheless the whole group was full of enthusiasm, particularly
         Danielle who was always there to help and guide us through the
process and motivate
         us with her kind compliments. Now, I look forward to my class all week long. It is a place
         for me to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while learning how to paint.  Whether
         one is a beginner or someone who has tried painting before, I highly recommend this

         Juliana Ketkar
Summer semester, 2009)

         Shakespeare's Garden, Aug 15th 2009            Painting by The Boathouse, July 11th, 2009


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